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​Videogame & Film Credits

Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion (3DS - Dreamrift)


Heroes of Camelot - Additional Music(iOS - Kabam)


Kingdoms of Camelot - Additional Music (iOS - Kabam)


Blast Zone! - Additional Music(iOS - Kabam)


Ravensword Shadowlands(iOS/Android - CrescentMoon)


Lumin(Animated Short/Telly Award Winner - Tom Richner)


40 The Film (Feature Film - John Morales)


Alberione(Feature Film - Sr. Helena



Illuminated Tapestry(Commission - Ballet Met) 


Prometheus Rapture (Commission Evelyn Glennie - Snare Drum Concerto)


Unannounced NFL Game (iOS) 2013


Exiles: Far Colony (iOS/Android) 

The 31st (PC) 

Sacred Fire (PC)

Valor Seed (PC) 


Star Thief (iOS)

Magic The Gathering: Return to Ravnica (Trailer)

Slots Down Under (iOS)

The Gathering Dead (Teaser)

Coldwater Keep (iOS)

Mecho Wars HD (iOS/Android)

Siegecraft Tower Defense (iOS)

Habit Heroes 2 (Attraction/Epcot)

Demise of Nations (PC)

Saxum Promo (Trailer)

Nekro (PC)

Magic the Gathering: Gatecrash (Promo)

Walk for Life Tribute (Trailer)

Epic Mech Wars (iOS)

Last Knight - Add. Music (iOS)

Droppin' Bombs (iOS)

Arena Tactics (iOS)

NCAA Football (360/PS3)

Magic the Gathering: Avacyn Restored (Trailer)

Epic Mickey 2: Power of Illusion (3DS)

Magic the Gathering: Dragon's Maze (Trailer)


Zombies vs. Jesus (Short)

Magic the Gathering: D14 (Teaser)

Ravensword: Shadowlands (iOS/Android)

Bed-time Bunny Tales (iOS)

SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance (PC/XBLA)

Slingshot Racing (iOS) Add'tl Music

Cats in Space (Short)

Razor Salvation (iOS)

Magic the Gathering: Dark Ascendance (Trailer)`

Pontifex: Idol Worship (Music Video)

Lucky Slots (iOS)

Dungeons and Dragons: Underdark (Trailer)

Monster Rehab (iOS)

Epic Dive (iOS)

Pontifex: Yes to You (Music Video)

Dead Frontier Trailer (Promo)

Aiko Islands: Holidays (iOS)

Tropical Stormfront (PC)

Dark Crucible (PC)

Magic the Gather: Planeswalker (Trailer)

Spin The Nut (iOS) Add Music

Bed Time Bunny Tales (iOS/Android)

Beautiful Trailer (Promo)

Aiko Island: Holidays (iOS)

Pirate Slots (iOS)

Puzzle Warehouse (iOS/PC)

Clocked Out Dir: Rabbath (Short)


Jungle Slots (iOS)

Epic Dive (iOS)

Tropical Stormfront (PC/Android)

Fishy Slots (iOS)

As I Am Dir: Rabbath (Short)

Faceless Dir: Rabbath (iOS)

Monster Rehab (iOS)

Sarge (iOS)

Goop (iOS)

Dangerous (iOS)

Pocket RPG (iOS)

Hop 2 It (iOS)

Cosmic Roller HD (Android)

Unicorn Parade (Facebook)

Super Hero Squad Online Add'tl Music (PC)

Jinx: Psychic Sidekick (iOS)

Kaglom 2 (Mobile/iOS)

What Would Warchief Ganosh Do? (Short)

Vampires vs. Werewolves (iOS)

Disconnected Dir. Rabbath (Short)

FX: Damnbusters (Short)

Progressive Slots (iOS)

Atlantis Rising (Promo)

Militant Dir. Rabbath (Short)

Johny Bones (iOS)

Eden's Quest (PC/iOS)

Toontown MMO - Add'tl Music (PC)

Scarlett's Witch Dir. Rabbath (Short)

Dream Voyagers Theme (PC)

Listen: Dir. Rabbath (Short)

Alice in Wonderland (Trailer)

20/20 Vision Theme (Ad)

Tilian Wars (iOS)

Darkwood: Dir. Rabbath (Short)

Steampirates (iOS)

Rage of the Gladiator (iOS/Wii)

Mecho Wars (iOS/Vita)

Legend of David: Dir. Rabbath (Short)

Nancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly (PC)

The Ninth Circle: Dir. Rabbath (Short)

Age of Oracles (PC)

Modern Gods: Dir. Rabbath (Short)

Pixie Hollow: Fall Meadows (MMO PC)

Brite Eyes - Co-Composer (Short)

Wandering Willows (PC)

Undiscovered World Incan Sun (PC)

Artemis Chronicle (PC)

Mystery Legend Sleepy Hollow (PC)

Pixie Hollow: Winter Meadows (PC)

Hidden Expedition: Amazon (PC/iOS)

Wired (Short)

Eternity's Child (PC)

Pixie Hollow (MMO PC)

Chronicles of Evanor (Doc.)

Assault Heroes 2 (360)

Planet Busters (PC)

Mojave's Edge (PC)

I.Q. - Identity Quest (PC)

Beyond: Dir. Rabbath (Short)

Fairway Solitaire (PC/iOS)

Just One Thing: Dir. Rabbath (Short)

Hoyle's Enchanted Puzzles (PC)

One Way: Dir. Rabbath

Arkadian Warriors (360)

TAOW3 - Co-Composer (PC)

Pearls of Pandora (PC)

Emelia (Anim Short)

Plasma Pong (PC)

Evasive Maneuvers: Dir. Dastolis (Short)

Hull Breach (Mod)

Same Time Next Year: Dir. Askew (Short)

The Morrowind Orchestra (Mod)

Transmission: Dir. Jeong (Short)

The Atheist: Dir. Askew (Short)

Hypocrisy Blue: Dir. Ajdinovic (Feature)



Attended Capital University on a full-ride scholarship. Graduated in  with a BM in Composition and founded Sean Beeson Studio LLC in 2007.



​Awards & Nominations


Ravensword: Shadowlands - Game Audio Network Guild nomination (GANG) for 'Best Handld Audio'​

Founder Of The Month - Was named FounderBuzz's 'Founder Of The Month' for January .​

Best Independent Fantasy Composer - Radio Rivendell runner-up for 'Best Independent Fantasy Composer'​

Outstanding Soundtrack - iFanZine 'Outstanding OST' for the score to "Dangerous" developed by Binary Helix​

Best Indie Artist Runner Up Square-Enix Music Online - Runner-Up for 'Best Indie Artist'

​Best Independent Fantasy Composer - ​Radio Rivendell runner-up for 'Best Independent Fantasy Composer'​

Mecho Wars - Game Audio Network Guild (GANG) nomination for 'Best Handheld Audio'​

Hidden Expedition: Amazon - Game Audio Network Guild (GANG) nomination for 'Best Audio Other''​

Best Song By Indie Composer - Radio Rivendell win for "Scourge of Amon" in 'Best Song By Indie Composer'​

Pixie Hollow - Game Audio Network Guild (GANG) nomination for 'Best Audio Other'​

Eternity's Child  - Gang Audio Network Guild (GANG) nomination for 'Best Audio Other'​

Distinguished Service Award - Game Audio Network Guild (GANG) award for 'Distinguished Service' to the community and the organization.​

Best Unsigned Artist - Radio Rivendell's 'Best Unsigned Artist', voted by listeners.​

Ruth Friscoe - Won first place at Capital University's Ruth Friscoe Composition Concert​

Capital Collegiate Fellow - Sean was an awarded a full-tuition Collegiate Fellow Scholarship to Capital University's Conservatory of Music​

Samples Libraries/Promo Demos

The Student Body - Close to two-hundred people in one hall, stomping, clapping, yelling, and hollering in unison.

TAIKO 2 - Nine Volt Audio - Builds on everything from the original TAIKO. More than five times the content and a hybrid sound-shaping script engine.​

The Beat Aesthetic: TAIKO Edition - Nine Volt Audio - Modern and edgy beats, ready to be dropped into popular chart-toppers, ethnic cues, and more!​

Stickbreakers Vol. 1 Toms - Nine Volt Audio - Massive tom ensemble recorded in a huge hall.​

Stickbreakers Vol. 2: Ten-Man Taiko - Nine Volt Audio - Ten men. Ten taiko. Recorded in a hall for maximum damage. Hear the power!​

Action Drums: Cinematic Edition - Nine Volt Audio - Cinematic loops for Stylus RMX loaded with a variety of patterns suitable for any film or game score.​

Action Drums: TAIKO Edition - Nine Volt Audio - A Stylus RMX version of TAIKO with thousands of loops and grooves.​

TAIKO - Nine Volt Audio - A re-release of Tsaiko featuring remixed patches, thousands of loops, and effects.

Tsaiko: Cinematic Taiko - Sean's first foray into the sampling world. Features massive, traditional nagado daiko drums.

Post Musical Instruments Promo - Wrote a solo piano demo for PMI Hybrid Pianos.​

East West Quantum Leap Silver Demo - Wrote three promotional demos for the original EWQLSO Silver library.

Concerts & Performances

Ivory Dreams - Relaxation Piano - Sean's Youtube music has been heard more than 40 million times on youtube!​

Illuminated Tapestry (Ballet Met) - Illuminated Tapestry was Sean's first work for dancers. Was created in collaboration with Ballet Met Columbus, award-winning Choreographer Jimmy Orrante, and media guru Alan Price.​

Prometheus Rapture World Premiere - Prometheus Rapture: Seven Legends for Snare Drum was premiered by Dame Evelyn Glennie to a sold out hall in the UK.​

Prometheus Rapture: Orchestral Premiere - Performed masterfully by award-winning percussionist Jeff Queen and the Central Ohio Symphony to a sold-out house in March of 2012 .​

Prometheus Rapture: Wind Band - Was premiered by Dame Evelyn Glennie and the Southern Illinois University of Carbondale in 2012.​

Ivory Dreams (CD) - Sean's debut piano relaxation album. Distributed by Serenity Studios.​

The White Years - A rare album featuring many unheard songs written by a much younger and inexperienced Sean. If you find one... You are lucky!​



​Conferences & Lectures


​Ohio Game Dev Expo 2014


​Ohio Game Dev Expo 2013


DanceTech STEM Presentation

Rio Grande Songwriter's Convention

Casual Moods: GDC

The Business and Art of Sampling

Philly GameX - How Composers Score Games

Life of a Game Composer

GDC - Demo Derby

Yale Game Audio Symposium

Significance of Game Audio Univ. of Texas

GDC: The Composer's Challenge

The Making of TAIKO

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